• Advanced ceramics are widely applied in industry sectors, high-tech world and new industries. With annual growth rate of 8%, its market in China values hundreds of billions of CNY. In recent years, the acceleration of China’s high-end industries and new industries development, for example, advanced manufacturing, 5G communications, semiconductor equipment and chip packaging, 3D printing and new energy vehicles, has provided a huge marketplace for new ceramic materials & products while rapidly stimulating its research and industrialization process. In 2020, it’s expected that the advanced ceramic industry and market will have a huge growth mainly in 5G filter ceramics, ceramic substrates with high thermal conductivity and IGBT, high-performance ceramic powders, materials for 3D printing and more. A study shows that the domestic demand for 5G ceramic filters in 2020 will exceed 10 billion CNY, which brings unprecedented development opportunities to the research and application of advanced ceramic materials in China.

  • China's advanced ceramic material industry is currently going through a critical period of transformation and upgrading. In the face of old growth drivers being replaced with new ones and the rapid development of new industries, the solution to develop from low-end to high-end, and the approaches to seize opportunities and keep abreast of the latest development trends are the focus of researchers and entrepreneurs engaged in new materials & products, new processes and new technologies of ceramics. Under those background, the 2020 Shanghai International Summit Forum on Development of Advanced Ceramic Material Industry is organized and held. The forum will welcome academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering, French Academy of Sciences, representatives from KYOCERA of Japan, Saint-Gobain of France, and some other well-known experts, professors and technical directors to make superb reports and share new technologies, processes, products, market and trends in the field of advanced ceramic materials.

Invited guests

  • Opening remarks speakers

    Zhou Jianer

    Director, the Ceramic Branch of Chinese Ceramic Society

    Former Principle, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

    Zhang Weiru

    CEO, Sinoma Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

    Director, China Advanced Ceramics Industry Alliance

    Host guests

    Xie Zhipeng

    Professor & Doctoral Supervisor, School of Materials Science and Enginnering, Tsinghua University

    Keynote speakers

    Topic: Progresses in the Research and Application of Ceramic Matrix Composites

    Speaker: Academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering

    Topic: Ceramic 3D / 4D Printing: Concept, Process and Application

    Speaker: Academician from French Academy of Sciences

    Topic: Advanced Ceramic Materials and Industrial Development in KYOCERA

    Speaker: Representative from KYOCERA of Japan

    Topic: Zirconia Powder in Saint-Gobain 

    Speaker: Representative from Saint-Gobain

    Topic: 5G Ceramic Filters Development in China

    Speaker: Representative from Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology Holding Co Ltd

    Topic: R&D of Ceramic Materials for 5G Filters

    Speaker: Representative from Tsinghua Tongfang Co Ltd

    Topic: Research on UV Curable Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) of Advanced Ceramic Materials

    Speaker: Representative from Guangdong University of Technology

    Topic: Synthesis of Aluminum Nitride Powder and R&D of its High Thermal Conductivity Products

    Speaker: Representatives from University of Science & Technology Beijing and Xiamen JuCi Technology Co Ltd

    TopicCeramic Materials for New Energy Vehicles and Their Metallized Sealing

    SpeakerRepresentative from Loudi Antaeus Electronic Ceramics Co Ltd

    * subject to change

    Ten major topics

    Topic ONE: Preparation and Industrialization of 5G Communication Filter Ceramics

    Ceramic dielectric filters have become the mainstream of 5G base station filters due to their excellent properties such as high dielectric constant, high Q value and low insertion loss. In 2020, Its global market is expected to reach 50 billion, therefore makes it an important topic of this forum.

    Topic THREE: Development of Ceramic Substrates with High Thermal Conductivity and IGBT

    With rapid development in recent years, Ceramic substrates with high thermal conductivity and IGBT are increasingly used in semiconductor chip packaging, communication electronics, new energy vehicles, robots, wind power generation and 5G base stations. Hence, relevant process technology and industrial development of ceramic powders with high thermal conductivity, ceramic substrates with high thermal conductivity and their copper-clad board, and IGBT power module are another important topic.

    Topic FIVE: Spray Granulation and New Hot Isostatic Pressing Technlogy of Ceramic Powders

    Two factors that affect the uniformity of microstructure and material properties of ceramic molding body and sintered ceramic material are the properties of granulated powder and sintering process. In the past two years, the world's advanced hot isostatic pressing (HIP) technology has been applied to the preparation of ceramic materials such as high-end Al2O3, ZrO2 and Si3N4. Thus, it becomes a new topic of the forum.

    Topic SEVEN: Progresses in Development and Application of High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites

    High strength and high toughness ceramic matrix composites, represented by Carbon fiber / silicon carbide (Cf / SiC) and silicon carbide fiber / silicon carbide (SiCf / SiC), have been increasingly used in military and civilian high temperature fields such as aerospace and engines. The specially invited presentation will analyze and introduce the new progresses at home and abroad.

    Topic NINE: Key Technologies and Techniques for High-end Oxide Ceramic Products Preparation

    The strong demand for high-end alumina (Al2O3) and zirconia (ZrO2) ceramic products internationally has highlighted the importance of forming, sintering and processing technologies of high-performance Al2O3, ZrO2 ceramic powders and their products.

  • Keynote host guests

    Wu Jianfeng

    Dean, Wuhan University of Technology

    Huang Zhengren

    Director, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Xiao hanning

    Director, Ceramics Research Insitrute, Hunan University

    Director, Committee of Engineering Ceramics

    Qiao Guanjun

    Dean, Jiangsu University School of Materials Science & Engineering

    Keynote speakers

    Topic: Preparation of Silicon Nitride Powder and Its Application in Ceramic Substrates and Structural Parts

    Speaker: Representative from Tsinghua University

    Topic: Status Analysis of Ceramic Substrates with High Thermal Conductivity for IGBT

    Speaker: Representative from CRRC Corporation Limited

    Topic: Preparation Technology and Development Status of High-performance Silicon Nitride Ceramics

    Speaker: Representative from Sinoma Advanced Materials 

    Topic: High-end Specialty Alumina and Its Market Growth

    Speaker: Representative from J.M.Huber Corporation

    Topic: Models for Precision Ceramic Spray, Drying and Granulation

    Speaker: Representative from OHKAWARA KAKOHKI

    Topic: Advances in Preparation Technology and Application of High-end Silicon Carbide Ceramics

    Speaker: Representative from North Minzu University

    TopicProgress and Prospect of Ceramic Backplane on 5G Mobile Phone 

    SpeakerRepresentative from ChaoZhou Three-circle (Group) Co., Ltd.

    Topic: Ceramic Materials for New Energy Vehicles and Their Metallization Sealing

    Speaker: Representative from Antaeus

    Ten major topics

    Topic TWO: Synthesis and Preparation of High Performance Ceramic Powders and Their High-end Markets

    Regarding the huge domestic and foreign demand as well as key technology for high-performance ceramic powders, the forum will introduce new technologies and processes for the synthesis and preparation of alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride, and aluminum nitride powders and their wide applications.

    Topic FOUR: Progress in ceramic 3D / 4D Printing Technology and Applications

    3D / 4D-printed ceramic materials and printing equipment have been through a rapid growth. The additive manufacturing technology has penetrated into biotechnology, artificial bone joints, power electronic devices, chemical microreactors, aerospace and other scientific and industrial fields. The new achievements and progress of ceramic 3D / 4D printing technology become the focus of attention of the forum.

    Topic SIX: Preparation Theory and Technology of High Performance Silicon Nitride and Silicon Carbide as Ceramic Materials

    Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) and Silicon Carbide (SiC), the two covalently bonded ceramics with excellent properties, can function in semiconductor equipment, high-end machinery and equipment, automotive rail transportation, metallurgy and chemical industry, energy and environmental protection, aerospace and so forth. They are also used in the manufacturing of all kinds of precision ceramic bearings, bearing balls and seals that could be applied under harsh environments such as high temperature, corrosion and abrasion.

    Topic EIGHT: Ceramic Materials and Metallization Sealing Process for New Energy Vehicles

    The industry of new energy vehicles has been developed rapidly in recent years, creating a new market for ceramic metallization products such as ceramic relays, which are widely used in the field.  

    Topic TEN: Progress and Prospect of Ceramic Backplane on 5G Mobile Phone 

Concurrently features IACE China 2020 exhibition

Presenting high performance advanced ceramic materials, products and equipment. IACE China 2020 will once again meet you at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center, China on August 12-14
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